Dear Members,


With the easing of restrictions from the 1st of June, the doors of Riverstone Memorial Club will open once again. We will be opening most areas of the club’s operations with the exception of functions, in-house activities and promotions.

Our staff and your health are the utmost importance to us therefore, there have been some changes made to our daily operation. There are very strict guidelines and terms and conditions that we must comply with  to enable us to open our doors to our members. The number of patrons that we can allow entry into the club at any one time will be restricted and is a constant state of change. Please be patient with our staff and each other as we all work through implementing this new way of doing business.

We can’t wait to welcome you back to Riverstone Memorial Club and look forward to catching up with you all again. At all times please consider your health and the health and safety of others in these difficult times for all.