The following regulations apply to all areas of the Club:

Responsible Service In Gaming

Riverstone Schofields Memorial Club has adopted the following House Policy, which provides a framework for the Responsible Conduct of Gambling:

  • We will provide gambling services and practices that conform to all applicable Acts and Regulations.
  • We will promote responsible gambling practices that conform to local community standards and expectations.
  • We have established a patron complaint resolution process.
  • We have implemented policies to encourage responsible practices in advertising and promotions related to gambling and ensure compliance with relevant legislation.
  • We have developed a policy that ensures all legislative requirements related to cheque cashing, payment of winnings and financial transactions are implemented and encourages patrons to develop responsible practices in the use of finances for gambling purposes.
  • We have introduced procedures for handling personal information relating to gambling patrons in a club to protect their right of privacy.
  • We have established a pleasant and safe environment.
  • We have informed and trained staff on legislative requirements, harm minimisation issues, the risks of not complying with legislative requirements or not adopting and practicing harm minimisation strategies and taking appropriate steps to promote patron and employee care. The club also ensures that our staff have completed the required Responsible Conduct of Gambling Course.
  • We encourage patrons to take responsibility for their gambling activity through an effective self-exclusion procedure or other mechanism. Contact the club manager on duty if you wish to be excluded from gambling at the club.
  • We inform patrons and staff of the club’s responsible gaming policy and program, the nature of gambling products and the availability of support services for problem gamblers.
  • We have developed links with C&M. They can be contacted on 1800 997 766.
Responsible Service of Alcohol

Riverstone Schofields Memorial Club has adopted the following House Policy, which provides a framework for the Responsible Service of Alcohol:

  • In order to prevent underage access and drinking we will require Proof of Age to be provided when requested.
  • Persons who are intoxicated will be Refused Admission to our premises.
  • We will display and refer to Intoxication Signs in order to support our responsible attitude and meet the requirements of legislation.
  • We will Educate our staff and our patrons as part of our Duty of Care to ensure that they understand the implications and abide by our responsible service of alcohol policy.
  • We will support and actively promote initiatives to Minimise Drink Driving in order to safeguard the well being of our patrons.
  • We will Provide low alcohol and non alcohol beverages at all times.



  • A notable change of behaviour
  • Slurring Speech
  • Clumsiness
  • Loss of Co-ordination
  • Abusive language or violence

Riverstone Schofields Memorial Club will effect these strategies by:

  • Implementing, monitoring and modification on an on-going basis of the House Policy.
  • Preventing under age drinking by insisting on ‘Proof of Age’ by requesting a driver’s licence, passport or proof of age card issued by the NSW Roads & Traffic Authority.
Dress Regulations

Dress must be clean, neat and tidy at all times. Management’s decision shall be final. The following Dress is NOT permitted at any time:

  • General untidiness
  • Football shorts/stubbies or similar
  • Training apparel
  • Hair rollers
  • Men’s headwear
  • Singlets
  • Leotards
  • Bare feet
  • Swimwear

To maintain the high standard enjoyed in our club, we request the dress rules be abided by.
Note – Obscene or offensive language or clothing will not be tolerated.

Player Rewards

Riverstone Schofields Memorial club operates a tiered player reward program. All current club members are eligible to participate in the program.

The program is known as “Star Rewards” and it is free for all current members. Access to the program is via your current club membership card. Full terms and conditions on the clubs Star Reward program including the benefits and requirements of each tiered level can be obtained from club reception.

Benefits are earned by the accrual of points on your club membership card. Members can earn points by placing their membership card in the console of the gaming machine whilst they play and for each food or beverage transaction. On average members will earn 1 point per $1.00 spent on food or beverages and 1 point per $7.50 turnover on gaming machines.

Members can redeem their points as payment for food and beverages that they purchase at the club. They can also transfer their points to the clubs pre-paid Eftpos program known as “Galaxy”. Members can apply for a Galaxy card at club reception. Full terms and conditions on the Galaxy program including the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Financial Services Guide (FSG) are available from club reception or on the clubs website ( The rate of conversion for redeeming points is 1 point = 1 cent.

Members are also entitled to one swipe per day of their membership card in the Reward centre, which is located next to the Change Counter. The Reward centre issues tickets into major promotions and a variety of instant win vouchers. Membership cards are non-transferable and any members caught swiping other members cards may face disciplinary action from the Board of Directors.

No gaming machine promotional prize will be offered or presented in the form of cash. No gaming machine promotional prize will exceed $1000.00 in value or will be able to be redeemed for cash.

Members player activity statements are free of charge and are available on the request of the player.

The Smoke-free Environment Act 2000

Riverstone Schofields Memorial Club has adopted the following House Policy, which provides a framework for the implementation of the Smoke-Free Environment Act.

  • Commencing from 4th July 2005 smoking will only be permitted in the gaming (poker machine) area of the club. This will be reviewed prior to 3rd July 2006 when under the Act the designated area is required to be reduced by half.
  • No smoking will be permitted inside the club from the 1st July 2007.
  • The club will display prominent signage to inform patrons where they are able to smoke.
  • The club will not provide ashtrays to any area other than the designated smoking area.
  • The club will ensure that the cigarette machine and the lighter machine remain in the smoking area.
  • Club staff and security will ask patrons who are smoking in a smoke free area to leave that area.
  • The Registered Clubs Act allows the club to remove a person from the premise should they continually smoke in a smoke free area or if they refuse to stop smoking when asked.
  • The Board of Directors have the authority to suspend members should they fail to adhere to the Act.
  • Dept. of Health inspectors have the right to issue fines to patrons who smoke in a smoke free area.
Financial Transaction Policy

An Automatic Teller Machine is located behind the Reception Desk.
Debit facilities for ATMs are limited to $1,000 per day.
The club has no provision for Credit Card or EFTPOS facilities.

Cash advances to patrons will not be provided for any purposes, e.g. ‘IOU’s will not be accepted in exchange for cash for any purpose.

Cheques can only be cashed for patrons who are financial members of this club.The maximum value of a cheque that can be cashed at this club is $400.

  • Only one cheque per week can be cashed (Monday to Sunday).
  • Only cheques made payable to: Riverstone-Schofields Memorial Club ltd will be cashed.
  • The club has the right to refuse cashing a cheque or to require endorsement of a cheque.
  • Cheques can only be cashed on presenting cheque and membership card to club manager on duty.
  • This club will present every cheque to the financial institution for payment within two working days.
  • Patrons who present a cheque which is subsequently dishonoured will not be permitted to cash any further cheques subject to the following:

Reinstatement of cheque cashing facilities for such patrons can only take place after all previous cheques have subsequently been honoured, by means of a written application from the club patron, containing an explanation as to why the cheque cashing facilities should be restored. The club may decide not to reinstate cheque cashing facilities despite such a request. If cheque cashing facilities are reinstated, then all of the club’s other procedures and policies still apply.


Up to $2,000 can be claimed in cash. The remaining balance of the prize will be paid by crossed cheque made payable to patron. Alternatively, if requested, the balance will be paid by electronic funds transfer to an account nominated by the patron. Where a patron asks for payment by EFT, the club asks the request be in writing, with details of the amount and destination account, signed by the patron. If not paid immediately, payments to be made by cheques will be mailed to, or can be collected by players within 48 hours of winning a prize (with the exception of Statewide Linked Jackpot prizes where such prizes will be paid in accordance with the rules and playing conditions relating to Statewide Links). For the safety of players, the club can advise of the arrangements that a patron might make for transport home, for patrons who are winners of major prizes.

Making a Complaint

If you are not happy with something in the club, please tell us. We welcome the opportunity to correct problems and concerns of patrons. Often misunderstandings may occur that can be explained by management.

So, if you have a complaint, please give the staff and management an opportunity to discuss the problem and rectify the complaint. Management will endeavour to review the situation and respond as soon as possible to fix the situation. If the appropriate manager of the club has not resolved the matter to your satisfaction, then you may wish to put your problem in writing to the Board. We will make our best efforts to let you know in writing the result of the review, within 30 days. This will include the reasons for the decision and any other steps you can take with your complaint.

If, despite our best efforts, you feel that your complaint has not been dealt with in a satisfactory way, you can contact the Office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing (OLGR) or seek your own legal advice.

For further information or to make a complaint, please contact the following club official:

PHONE: 9627 1811

Riverstone Schofields Memorial Club will effect these strategies by:

  • Implementing, monitoring and modification on an on-going basis of all House Policies.
  • Preventing under-age drinking by insisting on ‘Proof of Age’ by requesting a driver’s licence, passport or proof of age card issued by the NSW Roads & Traffic Authority.
  • These policies are not designed to offend patrons; staff have a responsibility in ensuring a pleasant environment for Club patrons. Member’s and visitor’s co-operation with these policies are appreciated.